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Since 2000, the Conlins group has been successfully marketing and promoting premium and imported products of the highest quality in the Philippines. Through experience, we have developed a deep understanding of how to market and promote these exclusive lifestyle products, and build them into powerful brands with large and longstanding recognition. These products include Food products, House wares and appliances.

We are deeply involved with our projects, and beyond our role as distributor, agent or importer, we act as a partner by working closely with international brand owners and manufacturers. We tailor our distribution and marketing direction to match each brand's strategy, with special emphasis on development and image control. We invest, together with our partners to better promote the brand through various retail channels.

To achieve these objectives, we have developed marketing, retail and logistics expertise. Our top quality staffs are comprised of local and international executives. Today we have office holds a strong presence throughout Philippines. Conlins group goal is to be the integral link between the East and the West.