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Serenity Flavors is a new product from Conlins food division a Philippine company who supplies premium gourmet flavor syrups, bakery ingredients and products to the foodservice and industrial sectors. We are about innovative food products; the quality and uniqueness comes from the use of high quality fruit and the high volume of fruit in all our products. All our premium food products include baking chocolates, caramel, fruit pastes, syrups, toppings and bakery fillings.
The food division team is dedicated to providing consistent quality products with special emphasis on attention to detail. Our customers can be assured of high quality products that will perform to their complete satisfaction. At Conlins we believe quality begins and ends with customer satisfaction.

Since our beginnings, we have developed a reputation for providing high quality products, excellent customer service and loyalty among our very valued customers.

These customers include many well-known national restaurants, bakeries, hotel and resorts throughout Philippines.